Our classes are suitable for parents of children aged 1-4 years old.

‘Build your own’ course

Start with our ‘Bewildering brains’ workshop (compulsory), then add-on one, some, or all of the other 2 hour workshops.

Bewildering brains

This 2 hour workshop forms the core of our ‘build your own’ course and is a compulsory part of the course. It takes an in-depth look at our children’s brains and how our parenting helps to shape them.

Tempers and tantrums

This 2 hour ‘add-on’ workshop takes an in-depth look at why younger children behave the way they do. You’ll learn strategies for managing tricky situations.

Food and fussiness

This 2 hour ‘add-on’ workshop looks at the science behind why toddlers and preschoolers become ‘picky’ eaters. You’ll learn strategies for managing tricky mealtimes and the importance of nurturing a positive relationship with food.

Naps and night-times

This 2 hour ‘add-on’ workshop will help you to understand what’s normal for toddlers and preschoolers when it comes to sleep. We’ll look at what the current research tells us, as well as gentle, responsive techniques for managing tricky sleep situations.

Play and processes

This 2 hour ‘add-on’ workshop takes an in-depth look at how and why younger children play, and offers ideas of how to help playtime be as beneficial as possible.

Private group or 1-to-1 sessions

If none of my dates work for you, or you’d like a private group workshop with your friends, I can run workshops at a time that suits you. Or if you’d prefer a tailored consultation suited to your individual situation, then I can offer 1-to-1 sessions as well.