self-settling and sleep

You’ve made it through the newborn stage – did you think your baby’s sleep should be getting better by now?

If you don’t know what’s normal and what isn’t, and want to find out about ways to support your baby’s needs while getting some sleep yourself, then we’re here to help!

Our 3 hour workshop takes an in-depth look at what’s normal in terms of infant sleep and provides gentle strategies to help you and your baby get more sleep.

You’ll learn about:


  • infant sleep – what’s normal and why, including a look at your baby’s brain development, infant sleep cycles, how their sleep changes over time, and what can affect it
  • self-settling and sleeping through – what this really means and why these ‘holy grails’ of parenting are often misunderstood
  • sleep training – common methods used to manage babies’ sleep, the pros and the cons, and what science tells us about them
  • supporting your baby’s sleep – evidence-based, gentle strategies to settle your baby and optimise their environment for sleep
  • night time parenting – the importance of responding to babies at night, and the powerful effect that responsive parenting can have on our babies’ brains
  • myth-busting – don’t believe everything you’ve heard! We sift through the old wives’ tales and advice that might be thrown your way and look at what’s true and what’s not
  • coping strategies – tips for managing sleep deprivation while still meeting your baby’s needs

3 hours of learning

With Sarah, founder of Nurture Parenting,
parenting consultant, and mum of 3.

Comprehensive workshop material

Access to online materials covering
all the workshop content.

Run from home

Warm, cosy, friendly, and
comfortable environment. 

Space for two adults

Payment includes space for
two adult family members.

Follow-up email support

Building on what you learned
during the workshop.

Snacks and refreshments

A range of options, catered to
dietary requirements (if any). 


Pick your date and book your space. 

can’t make the dates?
set one yourself!

I can offer private 1-to-1 workshops in the comfort of your own home, as well as private group workshops at my usual venue or another location. 

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