newborns and the 4th trimester

Expecting a baby? Or just welcomed a newborn into your life?

Life with a young baby is often like nothing you’ve (or they’ve) done before, and it can be overwhelming – and more than a little hard. 

Our 3 hour workshop for expectant parents and parents of babies aged 0 – 20 weeks takes an in-depth look into baby behaviour and development, and will give you tips and techniques to help you through the first weeks and months.  

You’ll learn about:


  • the fourth trimester – what it is and what it means
  • newborn behaviour – what’s normal and why, including a look at the fourth trimester, your baby’s brain development, and the needs of new babies
  • building a relationship – the science of bonding and nurture, and the powerful effect that responsive parenting can have on our babies’ brains
  • calming your baby – evidence-based, gentle tips and techniques to soothe and settle your baby
  • communication – what are our babies trying to tell us with their physical cues and cries?
  • feeding – what to expect, feeding in a baby-led way, and growth spurts and cluster-feeding
  • sleep – how much (or little) you might get, how your baby’s sleep changes during their first year, and how to maximise the amount of sleep you’ll get
  • safety – what guidelines exist and why, and the importance of making informed decisions
  • myth-busting – don’t believe everything you’ve heard! We sift through the various pieces of advice that might be thrown your way and look at what science tells us about them

4 hours of learning

With Sarah, founder of Nurture Parenting,
parenting consultant, and mum of 3.

Comprehensive workshop material

Access to online materials covering
all the course content.

Run from home

Warm, cosy, friendly, and
comfortable environment. 

Space for two adults

Payment includes space for
two adult family members.

Follow-up email support

Building on what you learned
during the workshop.

Snacks and refreshments

A range of options, catered to
dietary requirements (if any). 


Pick your date and book your space. 

can't make the dates?
set one yourself!

I can offer private 1-to-1 workshops in the comfort of your own home, as well as private group workshops at my usual venue or another location. 

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