baby-led weaning

Did you know that all babies have signs that show they’re ready for solid food? And that watching you eat or putting objects in their mouths aren’t actually signs they’re ready – and don’t have anything to do with wanting or needing food?

When it comes to introducing solids, there is so much advice (and so many myths and misconceptions) floating around that it can be really tricky to sort through it and decide what to do.

That’s where we come in! Our 3 hour workshop takes an in-depth look at the science behind introducing solids as well as the practicalities of starting food.

You’ll learn about:


  • why the 6 month guideline for introducing solids exists and the science behind it
  • how to tell when your baby is ready for solid food
  • myth-busting! How normal developmental stages are often talked about as your baby being ready for food (hint: they aren’t)
  • what weaning means in a wider context (it’s not just starting to give your baby food)
  • what babies learn during weaning
  • what to do with milk and water when introducing solids
  • pros and cons of spoon-feeding / baby-led weaning
  • salt / sugar / foods to avoid / foods to make safe
  • practicalities of baby-led weaning and common questions / worries

3 hours of learning

With Sarah, founder of Nurture Parenting,
parenting consultant, and mum of 3.

Comprehensive workshop material

Access to online materials covering
all the workshop content.

Run from home

Warm, cosy, friendly, and
comfortable environment. 

Space for two adults

Payment includes space for
two adult family members.

Follow-up email support

Building on what you learned
during the workshop.

Snacks and refreshments

A range of options, catered to
dietary requirements (if any). 


Pick your date and book your space.

can’t make the dates?
set one yourself!

I can offer private 1-to-1 workshops in the comfort of your own home, as well as private group workshops at my usual venue or another location. 

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