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Who we are

We started life in 2014 as BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm Jersey, becoming CalmFamily Jersey in 2016, and growing into Nurture Parenting in 2019.

I’m Sarah, a mum of 3 children (aged 8, 6, and 1) and I live with my family in the parish of St Martin, on the island of Jersey.

I’m passionate about spreading the word about responsive parenting. I support parents so that they understand their children and help them to thrive.

When I’m not running workshops, I’m home educating my two older children and making my way through the general mayhem of life…!

My other loves are watching Netflix, reading books, baking, and playing games (especially Mario).

Why we’re here

Nurture Parenting is what I needed at various times during my life as a parent – but it didn’t exist.

I needed someone to listen to me, to hear what I said, and to tell me that they understood. That sometimes, parenting sucks.

To lower my expectations and help me to learn about normal child development and behaviour. 

To help me to find ways to approach my children’s behaviour in a respectful, compassionate way.

To give me ideas that I could build on rather than fixed solutions that only worked in certain situations.  

Who had been there, who was non-judgmental, who had not liked their baby very much after the 4th hour of evening fussiness or who had endured supermarket tantrums while trying to keep calm themselves.

Who wasn’t a perfect parent and understood that I wasn’t either – but that I was trying my best.

Nurture Parenting is all of this and more.

What we do

Do you feel like there must be ‘another way’ when it comes to common parenting techniques? Then you’ve found the right place.

The strategies and techniques covered in my workshops are based on respectful, empathetic, compassionate parenting – not on getting your child to say ‘how high’ when you say ‘jump’.  

Am I the expert in your child? Do I know what they like, what they hate, how they sleep? Nope. But you do. You’re the expert. Putting your expertise and my parenting tools together is where the magic happens.

I won’t give you rigid rules and routines to follow – instead, I’ll help you to learn about your child’s brain development so that you have a greater understanding of the ‘whats’ and ‘whys’ of your child’s behaviour, and I’ll work with you to build your own solutions to whatever issues you come across.

Children are individuals. They aren’t a ‘one size fits all’. Parenting shouldn’t be either.

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